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3D Signatures Inc. is a personalized medicine company with a proprietary software platform based on the three-dimensional analysis of a patient's individual chromosomal arrangement − or signature. The technology is well developed and supported by 16 clinical studies on over 1,500 patients on 13 different cancers and Alzheimer's disease. Depending on the application, the technology can measure the stage of disease, rate of progression of disease, drug efficacy, and drug toxicity. The technology is designed to predict the course of disease and to personalize treatment for the individual patient.

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BioTuesdays Publishing Co. (4/4/17)
"3D Signatures Inc. successfully completing internal analytical assay validation for its Hodgkin's Lymphoma test."

With a swab taken from the inside of a patient's cheek, 3D Signatures' TeloView platform has demonstrated its ability to diagnose Alzheimer's disease, and also to assess whether the disease is manifesting in a mild, moderate or severe form.
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Magdalena Kegel, Alzheimer's News Today (3/22/17)
"3D Signatures Inc. has developed a simple cheek swab to identify patients with Alzheimer's disease, and even distinguish among those with mild, moderate or severe stages of the illness, according to results from a clinical trial. . .the search for sensitive and non-invasive markers to detect Alzheimerís has been a hot topic lately. For now, scientists can only make a definitive diagnosis of Alzheimerís after death, and amyloid plaques are detected in a patientís brain. . .the software was able to correctly pick those with Alzheimer's."

3D Signatures continues to advance its cutting-edge technology for prostate cancer liquid biopsies and Hodgkin's lymphoma tests.
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Etienne Moshevich, Alphastox.com (3/2/17)
"I wanted to send out a quick update on 3D Signatures Inc. after two tremendous announcements last week that I believe the market totally missed, which is where we see a major buying opportunity. . . .3D has a disruptive platform technology and thereís no doubt in my mind that they have already caught the attention of major pharmaceutical companies. . .I see the prostate cancer and Hodgkinís lymphoma programs as a major step forward in terms of validating the investment opportunity and driving the value creation process. DXD is at a strong support level with lots of good news expected over the next 6-12 months."

Shane Matte, BioTuesdays (2/23/17)
"The validation program for 3D Signatures Inc.ís Hodgkin's lymphoma test (Telo-HL) is under way. Telo-HL is powered by the company's TeloView software platform. . .there is currently no biomarker available that can predict patient response to standard chemotherapy in HL patients, and thereby help guide treatment decisions on an individual basis. . .the ability to identify the appropriate treatment for an individual patient at the time of diagnosis should result in expedited use of alternative treatment options and cost savings to the payer."

Alphastox.com (1/22/17)
"We've been wildly successful with a couple of our biotech picks as 3D Signatures Inc. is up over 100% since our initial feature at $0.35/share! The company is just starting to get going and I feel we have a ton more room to grow in this deal."

Sean Zubick, Linkedin (1/14/17)
"The problem with prostate cancer diagnostics currently is the lack of methods effective in grouping low-risk patient with significant precision; the result is that anyone exhibiting signs of prostate cancer are subjected to painful and expensive treatment. . .3D Signatures Inc. is on the cusp of a solution that promises to revolutionize the diagnostics and treatment of diseases. By using it, doctors will be able to understand the severity of the illness in much better detail, and thus able to customize treatments for individual patients; this means more certainty in the course of treatment, while alleviating significant costs."

3D Signatures, a Canadian company developing a platform of "disruptive" personalized prognostic tests for patients with 13 different cancers and Alzheimer's disease, has attracted the attention of several stock watchers with its most recent announcements.
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