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RXi Pharmaceuticals Corporation is a clinical-stage company developing innovative therapeutics that address significant unmet medical needs. Building on the pioneering discovery of RNAi, the Company's discovery and clinical development programs are based on its proprietary self-delivering RNAi (sd-rxRNA®) platform and Samcyprone™, a small molecule topical immunomodulator. Current clinical development programs include RXI-109, an sd-rxRNA, for the treatment of dermal and ocular scarring, and Samcyprone™ for the treatment of such disorders as warts, alopecia areata, non-malignant skin tumors and cutaneous metastases of melanoma. RXi's robust pipeline, coupled with an extensive patent portfolio, provides for multiple product and business development opportunities across a broad spectrum of therapeutic areas. We are committed to being a partner of choice for academia, small companies, and large multinationals. We welcome ideas and proposals for strategic alliances, including in- and out-licensing opportunities, to advance and further develop strategic areas of interest.

Expert Comments:

Zacks Small-Cap Research's John Vandermosten discussed the potential for this immunotherapy firm's RNAi compounds in oncology.
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John Vandermosten, Zacks Small-Cap Research (12/7/17)
"RXi Pharmaceuticals Corp.'s sd-rxRNA approach has the ability to augment the already amazing results in immunotherapy. . .interference RNA has applicability in CAR-T, TILs and direct injection providing a flexible platform to silence aberrant genes. The company's pursuit of partners in these areas is expected to yield results that can enter into the clinic in the next year or two." -Zacks Small-Cap Research

Management Q&A: View From the Top
With data from multiple studies due out this quarter, this biotech's RNA interference delivery platform has the potential to transform treatments for indications from cancer to ophthalmology, says Dr. Geert Cauwenbergh, President and CEO of RXi Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Gerrit Dispersyn, RXi's Chief Development Officer, and Dr. Karen Bulock, Vice President of Research at RXi.
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John Vandermosten, Zacks Equity Research (9/25/17)
"RXi Pharmaceuticals Corp. is a unique player in the RNAi space due to the inherent self-delivery mechanism that efficiently distributes its interference RNA to the cell. The company was founded by a group of scientists including Nobel Prize Winner Craig Mello and is currently developing a broad range of compounds for indications that leverage its sd-rxRNA technology. . .the company has a robust development pipeline with two clinical stage candidates utilizing its sd-rxRNA technology and a pre-clinical portfolio that holds promise to revolutionize CAR-T and other ex-vivo adoptive cell transfer therapies. The company expects to announce data from its clinical trials later this year and in early 2018, which may provide a catalyst to bring greater attention to the company’s successes."

Marcel Wijma, Van Leeuwenhoeck Research (5/22/17)
"RXi Pharmaceuticals Corp. announced that it has extended its existing agreement with the Norwegian biotech company PCI Biotech. This extension is supported by a new preclinical research collaboration agreement that reflect RXi's recently completed acquisition of MirImmune and PCI Biotech's focus in oncology. . .both companies will retain exclusive ownership rights to existing registered intellectual property. However, any inventions arising from the collaboration will be jointly owned by the companies. . .we have increased our valuation on RXi Pharmaceuticals to $4.50- 5.50 USD per share."

Marcel Wijma, Van Leeuwenhoeck Research (5/17/17)
"RXi Pharmaceuticals Corp. developed a robust RNAi therapeutic platform including self-delivering RNA (sd-rxRNA) compounds, that have the ability to highly selectively block the expression of any target in the genome, thus providing applicability to many therapeutic areas. . .we have increased our valuation on RXi Pharmaceuticals Corp. to USD 100-125 million or USD 4.50-5.50 per share. . .due to the fact that we have increased our likelihood of approval and market potential for RXi's lead product RXI-109. At this moment we do not address value to the preclinical programs in RXi's pipeline."

Keith Markey, Griffin Securities (5/4/17)
"RXi Pharmaceuticals Corp. added a multi-faceted oncology platform to its R&D pipeline with the January acquisition of MirImmune. Now the Company has five compounds targeting checkpoint inhibitors that should enjoy a significant cost advantage over today's antibodybased inhibitors and a sixth that is designed to prevent cytokine release syndrome. . .based on the new checkpoint inhibitors and the potential for multiple partnering deals, we believe a $6.50 price target is achievable and we are maintaining our BUY recommendation."

Marcel Wijma, Van Leeuwenhoeck Research (2/13/17)
"Based on our net present value valuation, we believe that RXi Pharmaceuticals Corp. is substantially undervalued at the current share price of $0.74. Using our valuation model and taking into account the further development of its pipeline including the acquisition of MirImmune, the company's current total value should be $75-100M, or $4.50-6/share; this represents a substantial upside from the current share price."

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Alexey Eliseev, former Chief Business Officer at RXII – RXi Pharmaceuticals Corp.
Keith Markey, Scientific Director – Griffin Securities
John Vandermosten, CFA – Zacks Small-Cap Research
Marcel Wijma, Analyst – The Daily Molecule (Van Leeuwenhoeck Research), Van Leeuwenhoeck Research

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Investing Highlights
RXi has developed a robust, proprietary RNAi therapeutic platform
RNAi has the ability to “silence” a specific gene in a disease condition
Extensive patent estate provides for multiple development and commercialization of RNAi therapeutics