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Adrian Day

Positive Results Boost Stocks, but Still Some Buys
Source: Adrian Day for Streetwise Reports  (6/1/17)
Money manager Adrian Day reviews the current news from five companies and reflects on prospects for return on investment. More >

Lottery Messenger Company That Could Transform Industry Is About to Go Public
Source: Streetwise Reports  (5/22/17)
Have you ever wished you could have the convenience of ordering lottery tickets online, rather than having to go to a store to buy them? A company that provides that service in California is about to go public. More >

The Marijuana Sector: Timing the Next Upleg
Source: Clive Maund for Streetwise Reports  (5/21/17)
Canadian and U.S. marijuana stocks have taken divergent paths over the last six months, and technical analyst Clive Maund examines why. More >

Adrian Day

Yields Over 8% Are Still Attractive
Source: Adrian Day for The Gold Report  (5/12/17)
Money manager Adrian Day discusses several business development companies in his portfolio that offer high dividends. More >

AudioEye Is Rapidly Making the Internet Accessible to All
Source: Streetwise Reports  (4/25/17)
AudioEye's innovative technology, which makes the internet available to people with disabilities, has led to rapid growth for the company. More >

Steve Palmer

Five Companies with Favorable Risk/Reward Profiles from the AlphaNorth Capital Conference
Source: The Life Sciences Report  (4/12/17)
The 4th annual AlphaNorth Capital Conference brought together over 40 emerging growth companies with top investors. In this interview with Streetwise Reports, Steve Palmer, founder and president of AlphaNorth Asset Management and a co-organizer of the conference, discusses a diverse group of companies that were selected to attend the conference, including three biotech companies. More >

Adrian Day

Hold On to These Yields of 8% to Over 9%
Source: Adrian Day for The Gold Report  (3/28/17)
Money manager Adrian Day reviews the business development companies in his portfolio that are held for income. More >

Why the Canadian Marijuana Sector Is the Next Big Thing and Why Emblem Is Our Top Pick
Source: Gecko Research for Streetwise Reports  (12/8/16)
Gecko Research discusses the bull market for marijuana, the road to legalization in Canada and why Emblem Corp., which begins trading on the TSX.V on Dec. 12 under the symbol EMC, is their top pick. More >

Adrian Day

A Sell on a Long-Time Holding
Source: Adrian Day  (11/29/16)
Investment advisor Adrian Day discusses his decision to sell shares of American Capital prior to its merger with Ares Capital. More >

The Cannabis Sector after the Vote – Boom or Bust??
Source: Clive Maund for The Streetwise Reports  (11/8/16)
Technical Analyst Clive Maund takes a look at the cannabis sector, and how the the election results for eight states, including California, might facilitate a massive boom. More >

Adrian Day

Double-Digit Yields from Around the World
Source: Adrian Day  (5/13/16)
In this bulletin, Adrian Day reviews three companies with strong yields. All three are under some pressure, but equally all are solid companies with very attractive yields. More >


How Investors at the California Capital Conference Picked the Next Top Small-Cap Companies
Source: Staff of The Gold Report  (12/7/15)
If only someone could bottle the experience of finding an overlooked company, investing for pennies a share and cashing in for 10, 20 or 30 times what you paid. Priceless, right? But how to find those companies? Small caps aren't covered by the mainstream press and analysts the way blue chips are, and determining value of an early-stage company before profit and loss statements take on real meaning and big questions about science and markets are answered can be difficult. That is why veteran investors like Tom Swaney, president of California-based Harwood Capital Inc., like to meet management in person at events like the California Capital Conference. More >

Jim Collins

Jim Collins: Five Names to Love from the LD Micro Conference
Source: Streetwise Reports' Special Situations Staff  (8/20/14)
The conference circuit can be a brutal one, with scores of companies vying for investor attention, but some vendor halls hold more opportunities than others. In this interview with Streetwise Reports' Special Situations, Jim Collins, author of The Portfolio Guru, shares his finds from the productive LD Micro Conference, an event he describes as a "micro-cap love-in." He details a quintet of investing opportunities, from areas as varied as deep-sea exploration support services, Wi-Fi energy delivery and drinks for kids. More >

Alfred  Maydorn

Big Data Goes Hollywood: Alfred Maydorn
Source: Peter Byrne for Streetwise Reports' Special Situations  (3/27/14)
And now a word from Europe: Investment advisor and author Alfred Maydorn publishes the Maydornreport in Kulmbach, Germany, where he researches disruptive high-tech companies with great growth prospects. In this interview with Streetwise Reports' Special Situations, Maydorn reveals his top North American picks in the exponentially expanding media and big data spaces, highlighting firms with low profiles, remarkable products and what look to be explosive futures. More >

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