Sector Expert: Matt Geiger

MJG Capital

Image: Matt Geiger

Matt Geiger is the managing partner at MJG Capital, a limited partnership focused on long-term capital appreciation through investments in natural resources.

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Companies Commented On

  • Almadex Minerals Ltd.
  • Excelsior Mining Corp.
  • Globex Mining Enterprises Inc.
  • Golden Arrow Resources Corp.
  • Golden Valley Mines Ltd.
  • Minco Silver Corp.
  • Nevsun Resources Ltd.
  • Silver Standard Resources Inc.
  • Solitario Exploration & Royalty Corp.
  • Southern Arc Minerals Inc.
  • Viscount Mining Corp.

Recent Interviews

Three Outstanding Opportunities in the Natural Resources Sector (2/28/17)
Gold coins

Aside from the exuberance surrounding the tops of bull markets, the general investment public is uninterested and underinvested in natural resource equities, says Matt Geiger, founder of MJG Capital Limited Partners. Geiger views the general apathy toward natural resources as an opportunity, and profiles three companies that he believes are in position to break away from the herd.

Matt Geiger Picks 7 Mining Companies to Buy Before the End of the Year (11/17/16)
Matt Geiger 11-16-16

Headline news results in rash decisions; don't let Trump's victory distract you from the bigger picture, says Matt Geiger of MJG Capital. He explains why now is an excellent time to deploy capital into mining equities and highlights seven companies poised to deliver outsized returns.

Investing in the New Resource Bull Market (8/22/16)
Golden Arrow Project Map

After four grinding years of falling metal prices and vanishing market capitalizations, we have seen a stunning shift in market sentiment since mid-January, says Matt Geiger of MJG Capital. Multiple physical commodities are now in technical bull markets, and resource equities in particular have enjoyed a spectacular 2016 thus far. Geiger highlights several companies poised to take advantage of the boom.

Recent Quotes

"GRG's Chinchillas is one of the largest silver development stories in the world."

The Gold Report Article by Matt Geiger (2/28/17)
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"I think GRG shareholders will be rewarded with a generous offer in short order."

The Gold Report Article by Matt Geiger (11/17/16)
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"GRG's Chinchillas is a massive project, particularly when you consider that at least 50% of the land package has yet to be explored."

The Gold Report Article by Matt Geiger (8/23/16)
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"GRG provides excellent leverage to continued outperformance in the price of silver."

— Matt Geiger, MJG Capital (8/1/16)
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