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Stephen de Jong

Integra Gold Is Entering Unicorn Territory
Source: The Gold Report  (4/6/17)
Companies tend to excel at exploration or development, but Integra Gold seems to do both well simultaneously. In this interview with The Gold Report, Integra CEO Stephen de Jong explains Integra's dual track, discusses the company's latest PEA and resource update, and enumerates Integra's path to production. More >

Permitting at NOVAGOLD's Donlin Project Is Entering Its Final Stage
Source: The Gold Report  (4/6/17)
The release of NOVAGOLD's first quarter results has analyst Raj Ray of National Bank Financial highlighting that permitting for the Donlin Gold project is entering its final stage. More >

Klondex Ups Mineral Resource at True North
Source: The Gold Report  (4/6/17)
An updated mineral resource for Klondex's True North project that increases the Measured and Indicated resource by 32% and the Inferred by 45% caught the attention of several analysts. More >

Pershing Gold Climbs to the Next Level in Nevada
Source: The Gold Report  (4/6/17)
As Pershing Gold closes a deal to consolidate its Blackjack project, it continues to move the Relief Canyon mine closer to production. More >

Eden Rahim

Four Biotech Mid-Caps Fund Manager Eden Rahim Believes Have Favorable Catalysts
Source: The Life Sciences Report  (4/5/17)
Biotech may be the last great bastion of stock picking, posits Eden Rahim, who manages the Toronto-based Next Edge Bio-Tech Plus Fund. The fund is up 40% in the last 12 months. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Rahim provides his view of the sector and profiles four companies he believes may have great upside. More >

VistaGen Therapeutics Advances New-Generation Antidepressant Approved by European Patent Office
Source: The Life Sciences Report  (4/5/17)
In a milestone for South San Francisco-based VistaGen Therapeutics, the European Patent Office (EPO) has issued a Notice of Intention to grant the company patents for its antidepressant prodrug, AV-101. More >

Cash-Rich Zynerba's Synthetic Cannabinoid Product Line Ready to Rumble
Source: The Life Sciences Report  (4/5/17)
Zynerba Pharmaceuticals specializes in developing and commercializing synthetic cannabinoid therapeutics formulated for transdermal delivery. The Devon, Pennsylvania-based company's Q4/16 financial results disclose a substantial cash kitty of ~$78M available to fund its pipeline of medical marijuana products, ZYN001 and ZYN002. More >

Michael Ballanger

Buy Precious, Sell Base (Metals). . .
Source: Michael J. Ballanger for The Gold Report  (4/5/17)
Precious metals expert Michael Ballanger explains why he believes base metals are overbought and precious metals, especially silver, are set to appreciate. More >

Torchlight Energy Inks Drilling and Development Agreement with University Lands
Source: The Energy Report  (4/4/17)
An agreement that Torchlight Energy and its partner have signed with University Lands consolidates 192 existing leases in the Orogrande Basin project into one lease. More >

Checking In on Victoria Gold's 'Golden' Eagle Project
Source: The Gold Report  (4/4/17)
The Gold Report examined Victoria Gold's Eagle Project in February and is now checking in on the company's progress after two back-to-back news releases last week. More >

Kenneth Ameduri

Inflation and War Are on the Horizon
Source: Kenneth Ameduri for The Gold Report  (4/2/17)
Perhaps the final act is about to start for the global monetary system, says Kenneth Ameduri, chief editor of Crush the, and he discusses ways the precious metals can offer financial insurance. More >

Jim Rogers Is Bullish on Russia, and I Know Why
Source: Tom Beck for The Gold Report  (4/2/17)
Tom Beck, editor of Portfolio Wealth Global, says if he's learned one thing in the markets, it is that Jim Rogers never misses a big long-term investment thesis, and that Rogers has basically told investors to "forget China, buy Russia." More >

Lior Gantz

Jim Rickards and I Are on the Same Page
Source: Lior Gantz for The Gold Report  (4/2/17)
Risks to the global economy was the main topic of the conversation between precious metals expert Jim Rickards and Lior Gantz, editor of Wealth Research Group. More >

Jack Chan

Jack Chan’s Weekly Gold and Silver Update
Source: Jack Chan for The Gold Report  (4/1/17)
Technical analyst Jack Chan charts the latest moves in the gold and silver markets.
More >

BFS for Columbus Gold's Montagne d'Or Fuels M&A Speculation
Source: The Gold Report  (3/30/17)
The release of the bankable feasibility study for the JV Montagne d'Or gold project in French Guiana, with Columbus Gold in partnership with Nordgold, has experts speculating on buyout prospects. More >

Millennial Lithium's Exploration Progressing Rapidly in the Lithium Triangle
Source: The Energy Report  (3/30/17)
Millennial Lithium, which closed a private placement of nearly $6 million and is resuming drilling at Pastos Grandes in Argentina, has set its sights on producing lithium within three years as lithium demand is projected to skyrocket. More >

3D Signatures' TeloView Can Diagnose Alzheimer's with Cheek Swab
Source: The Life Sciences Report  (3/30/17)
With a swab taken from the inside of a patient's cheek, 3D Signatures' TeloView platform has demonstrated its ability to diagnose Alzheimer's disease, and also to assess whether the disease is manifesting in a mild, moderate or severe form. More >

James Brown

Many Paths to Success with DURECT's Pipeline
Source: Dr. James Brown for The Life Sciences Report  (3/29/17)
DURECT has a pipeline of drugs for a wide range of indications, from NASH to psoriasis to postoperative pain. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Dr. James Brown, DURECT's President and CEO, discusses the potentially groundbreaking epigenetic regulator DUR-928, POSIMIR's late-stage testing for postoperative pain and an abuse-deterrent oral technology. More >

Southern Silver Reports High-Grade Results at Cerro Las Minitas
Source: The Gold Report  (3/28/17)
Recent drilling at Southern Silver's flagship Cerro Las Minitas project in Mexico shows higher grade silver than previous drilling. More >

Adrian Day

Hold On to These Yields of 8% to Over 9%
Source: Adrian Day for The Gold Report  (3/28/17)
Money manager Adrian Day reviews the business development companies in his portfolio that are held for income. More >

Michael Ballanger

Precious Metals Are in Alignment for a Major Ascent
Source: Michael J. Ballanger for The Gold Report  (3/27/17)
Precious metals expert Michael Ballanger discusses silver's recent price performance and why he believes precious metals are in alignment for a major ascent. More >

Jack Chan

Jack Chan’s Weekly Gold and Silver Update
Source: Jack Chan for The Gold Report  (3/25/17)
Technical analyst Jack Chan charts the latest moves in the gold and silver markets, noting a tug-of-war between support and resistance. More >

Kenneth Ameduri

Major Supply Shortage: Critical Minerals Igniting Bull Market Mania
Source: Kenneth Ameduri for The Gold Report  (3/24/17)
Collapsing oil prices are only the beginning as fossil fuels are turning into a historic relic, says Kenneth Ameduri, chief editor of Crush the Street. He discusses two commodities whose demand he expects to skyrocket as the world shifts to cleaner energy. More >

Ray Dalio's Hottest Investment Theme Today
Source: Tom Beck for The Gold Report  (3/24/17)
Since March 15, when the Federal Reserve raised rates for the second time since Trump was elected, gold has rallied and stock outflows have been extremely high, says Tom Beck, senior editor of Portfolio Wealth Global, and he discusses how Ray Dalio is turning to precious metals and industrial commodities right now. More >

Lior Gantz

A Credit Implosion Is Coming
Source: Lior Gantz for The Gold Report  (3/24/17)
The biggest bubble of all is bursting—the bond market, where companies and the government borrow money—and it's twice as big as the stock market, says Lior Gantz of Wealth Research Group. More >

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