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Brian Marckx

Four Small-Cap Medtechs Primed for Outsize Returns: Zacks' Brian Marckx
Source: Staff of The Life Sciences Report  (7/15/15)
In the U.S., the medical device and diagnostics industry has been burdened with conflicting regulations that have delayed commercialization and complicated reimbursement. In this interview, Brian Marckx, senior medical device/diagnostics analyst with Zacks Investment Research, tells The Life Sciences Report how that situation is changing and identifies some innovative companies poised to make the most of the situation. More >

Bruce Campbell

The Barbell Approach Builds Powerful Healthcare Stocks: StoneCastle's Bruce Campbell
Source: George S. Mack of The Life Sciences Report  (5/6/15)
Portfolio manager Bruce Campbell wants the best of both worlds in his Canadian healthcare investments. He looks for companies that are strong and balanced, with muscular organic growth on one side and healthy acquisitions on the other. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, the founder and president of Canada-based StoneCastle Investment Management spotlights six names that have proven themselves with good runs but have potential for much bigger gains. More >

Shane Storey

How to Profit from Australia's Healthiest Biotechs: Wilson HTM's Shane Storey
Source: George S. Mack of The Life Sciences Report  (4/16/15)
Australia will always be known as a trove of natural resources, but its most precious treasure is the abundance of entrepreneurs who are all too happy to develop the country's intellectual assets. Shane Storey, head of research at Australia-based Wilson HTM Investment Group, observes that as the market value of resource commodities declines, investors are diverting investment capital to healthcare stocks, especially in the medical technology sector. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Storey presents three names that don't come close to their long-term fair valuation potential. The upside, he believes, could be quite dramatic. More >

The Diabetes Economy: Miraculins Scouts for Worldwide Markets
Source: Taylor Thoen, BTV/The Life Sciences Report   (2/4/15)
While other diseases catch headlines and media attention, diabetes has crept quietly into a full-blown, worldwide pandemic. With the Scout DS®, Winnipeg-based Miraculins Inc. is on the leading edge of medical innovation with the world's first noninvasive retail screening test for diabetes. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Miraculins President and CEO Christopher Moreau explains how the company is poised to expand into multiple markets to meet a desperate need for diabetes screening in North America and around the world. More >


Biotech Watchlist Update: Small-Cap Biotechs Struggle to Rebound
Source: Tracy Salcedo-Chourré of The Life Sciences Report  (11/6/14)
When the biotechnology market hit a speed bump in early 2014, every stock in the sector was jolted. Large-cap biotech and big pharma have largely recovered, but small- and micro-cap companies haven't yet entirely recouped the losses. The performance of Streetwise Reports' Biotechnology Watchlist to date reflects this trend: The portfolio lingered in negative territory after the late-winter punch, and hovers near breakeven as of Nov. 3. To get a handle on the drivers of small-cap stock price volatility, The Life Sciences Report turned to a pair of the analysts who selected companies for the 2014 Watchlist, John McCamant of the Medical Technology Stock Letter and George Zavoico of MLV & Co. In this recap, the two experts offer updates on the companies they selected for the portfolio. More >

Anita Dushyanth

Three Biotech Investment Ideas that Disrupt and Diversify: Anita Dushyanth
Source: Peter Byrne of The Life Sciences Report  (9/25/14)
Good management. Promising therapies in the pipeline. Marketed products that bolster the bottom line. Investors crave these bread-and-butter qualities in small-cap biotech and medtech companies. Anita Dushyanth of Zacks Investment Research relies on the staples, but also looks for something special, something that disrupts. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Dushyanth describes several small companies that have spiced up their offerings. More >

Erez Raphael

Dial In on Diabetes Solutions with LabStyle Innovations Corp.'s Dario
Source: Tracy Salcedo-Chourré of The Life Sciences Report  (7/17/14)
Having a chronic disease like diabetes engenders a sense of isolation that hasn't been adequately addressed by technology until now. With Dario, LabStyle Innovations Corp. has created a device that not only provides vital medical information to a diabetic patient in real time, but also connects that patient to a community of care providers, family and online resources. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, LabStyle President and CEO Erez Raphael describes how the Dario software platform could provide sufferers of other chronic diseases with the benefits of real-time data and community as well. More >

Hang On, Folks—It's Going to Be a Bumpy Ride: 2014 Biotech Watchlist Update
Source: Tracy Salcedo-Chourré of The Life Sciences Report  (4/10/14)
stethbillfold8214Biotech stocks sailed into 2014 backed by a favorable wind, but springtime has stymied the sector in confused seas. Companies on The Life Sciences Report's 2014 Biotech Watchlist have hit the doldrums along with the rest, as faithful followers of the portfolio are doubtless aware. But sector analysts defend the general robustness of the life sciences market as a whole. In this Biotech Watchlist update, we bring you the thoughts of two analysts on the recent market turbulence, and offer brief recaps of Watchlist companies' fortunes year to date. More >

Ben Haynor

Better, Faster, Cheaper—You Can Have All Three in Medtech: Ben Haynor
Source: George S. Mack of The Life Sciences Report  (3/5/14)
Given that medical technology is an easy target for payers looking to cut reimbursements, it's important for investors to find device and diagnostic companies with the greatest efficiencies. Accuracy, speed and economy command a premium multiple because these features ultimately relieve pressure on margins, improve quality and reduce patient risk and institutional liability. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Senior Research Analyst Ben Haynor of Feltl & Co. shares his top two medtech names, which he expects will achieve outsized gains this year. He also delivers a couple of bonus names that investors could parlay into a profitable small- and micro-cap portfolio. More >

Reni Benjamin

Regenerative Medicine Finally Gets Some Respect: Reni Benjamin
Source: JT Long of The Life Sciences Report  (2/11/14)
Of the many themes that propelled the biotech sector to record returns in 2013, regenerative medicine and therapeutics targeting cancer were front and center. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Reni Benjamin, managing director and equity research analyst at H.C. Wainwright & Co., talks about two companies with impending catalysts that play on these themes, and offers his take on the prospects for the regenerative medicine sector going forward. More >

The Last Word: Place Your Biotech Bets on Solid Management and Hot Therapy Areas
Source: Tracy Salcedo-Chourré of The Life Sciences Report  (1/23/14)
pillbill82Who got the last word at the 2014 Biotech Showcase? A portfolio manager specializing in healthcare, an award-winning analyst, and a pair of venture capitalists with global viewpoints and a focus on clinical-stage companies. In the closing event of the showcase, cohosted by The Life Sciences Report, this panel of experts offered insights into trends that will influence the biotech universe in 2014. More >

Biotech Watchlist 2014: Sound Science, Innovative Ideas and a Sprinkle of Pixie Dust
Source: Tracy Salcedo-Chourré of The Life Sciences Report  (1/15/14)
stethbillfold82142013 was a banner year for the life sciences sector, with biotech, pharmaceutical and medtech companies buoyed by advances in therapeutic techniques, a friendly regulatory environment, lucrative partnerships and the overall market upswing. The 2013 Biotech Watchlist, which was released at the Biotech Showcase in San Francisco, reflected this robustness, boasting a year-to-date return that blew past those posted by the major indices. Credit the basket of stocks picked by industry experts, weighted heavily with winners. Can our panel of experts pick another winning portfolio in 2014? Find out which companies they've chosen for the 2014 Watchlist in this exclusive from The Life Sciences Report
and Sagient Research. More >

Jason Mills

Follow the M&A Money to Small- and Mid-Cap Cardiovascular Medtechs: Jason Mills
Source: George S. Mack of The Life Sciences Report   (1/2/14)
Some investors' eyes glaze over at the mention of medical devices. But it's time to wake up and focus on the stunning growth opportunities in small- and mid-cap cardiovascular medtech. Canaccord Genuity Managing Director Jason Mills covers companies on the front lines of innovation and in sectors where the trifecta of revenue, margins and reimbursement is achieving biotechlike levels. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Mills opens the new year with a discussion of the cardiovascular medtech industry and mentions companies that are probable acquisition candidates. More >

Brian Marckx

Micro-Cap Medtech with Explosive Upside Potential: Brian Marckx
Source: George S. Mack of The Life Sciences Report   (12/19/13)
Combine the complexity of genomic testing with the high risk inherent in micro-cap stocks, and you have investment opportunities that require exceptional diligence. The reward for understanding the value proposition of budding companies? The payoff can be enormous. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Senior Medical Device Analyst Brian Marckx of Zacks Investment Research has selected eight micro-cap names that could return triples, quads and more for investors willing to do their homework. More >

Michael Hay Jocelyn August

Eight Catalyst-Driven Biotechs Ready to Advance: Michael Hay and Jocelyn August
Source: George S. Mack of The Life Sciences Report   (11/26/13)
Investors are attracted to small- and micro-cap biotech stocks because their life cycles are filled with share-moving milestones. Michael Hay and Jocelyn August of Sagient Research handicap those milestones and calculate the probabilities that drugs in development will be approved and successful in the marketplace. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Hay and August set a table investors can be thankful for, naming companies with upcoming catalysts and real potential for upside. More >

Bryan Brokmeier

Global Expansion and Affordable Care Act Boost Life Science Tools and Diagnostics: Bryan Brokmeier
Source: George S. Mack of The Life Sciences Report  (11/7/13)
Two years ago, medtech was thought to be waning. Investors were deserting companies perceived to be short on margins and sure to be demolished by the Affordable Care Act. Today the landscape is transformed: Medtech companies are embracing international markets, preparing for increased volumes of procedures and enjoying new, rich valuations. Do they have what it takes to woo investors back? In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Bryan Brokmeier of the Maxim Group picks a small group of names that have performed brilliantly over the past year and that he expects will treat investors very well. More >

2013 Biotech Watchlist Update: Companies Climb and Crumble on Catalysts
Source: George S. Mack of The Life Sciences Report   (10/31/13)
stethobillfold1The Life Sciences Report's Biotech Watchlist, introduced in January 2013, is composed of 17 companies that industry analysts felt showed promise for the coming year—companies with productive pipelines, good management and stock-moving catalysts on the horizon. The new year presented legitimate prospects for portfolio growth and, indeed, that has been the case. In this update, we summarize the current status of Watchlist companies and introduce our Portfolio Tracker, showing the status of each company in real time. More >

Zack  Lynch

A Compulsion for Brain Science: Zack Lynch
Source: George S. Mack of The Life Sciences Report  (10/17/13)
Roughly a third of the world's population feels the burden of some type of brain, spinal cord or peripheral nerve disease: dementia, depression, compulsion, infection, trauma. Understanding the need for investment, awareness and public policy advocacy in finding solutions for these afflictions, Zack Lynch founded the Neurotechnology Industry Organization in 2006, and serves as its executive director. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Lynch makes a bullish case for a growing industry and discusses how he proposes to increase funding for neuroscience from both private and public sources, thereby increasing options for patients and opportunities for investors. More >

Jeff Cohen

Hidden Finds in Regenerative and Medical Technology: Jeff Cohen
Source: Peter Byrne of The Life Sciences Report  (9/12/13)
Ladenburg Thalmann & Co. Inc.'s Jeff Cohen regularly explores the frontiers of regenerative and medical technology looking for solid investment opportunities. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Cohen reveals promising finds in one of the world's fastest-growing business sectors. From robotics to skin grafts, Cohen knows his science and his market. More >

Keith Markey

Griffin Securities' Keith Markey Gives Performance Reviews on Four Favorite Biotech Names
Source: Peter Byrne of The Life Sciences Report  (9/12/13)
As science director for Griffin Securities, Keith Markey knows his way around the advanced technologies of the most promising research in biotech. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Markey explains the science behind new developments in the antibiotic, diabetic and dermatological fields, highlighting ground-floor investment opportunities that investors will not want to miss. More >

Casey Lynch

Digging Below the Surface of Neurotechnology: Casey Lynch
Source: George S. Mack of The Life Sciences Report  (9/5/13)
Neuroscience is about as complex as it gets. The central nervous system contains the brain and spinal cord, where hundreds of billions of neurons are located—and that doesn't include the peripheral nervous system. Casey Lynch, managing director of NeuroInsights, works to make sense of both the disease processes affecting the nervous system and potential therapies that could help patients and enrich investors. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Lynch brings some clarity to the complexity, and speaks frankly about the wild goose that some Alzheimer's disease investigators have been chasing. More >

Jim Letourneau

Adventures in the Biotech Trade with Jim Letourneau
Source: Peter Byrne of The Life Sciences Report  (8/15/13)
Jim Letourneau, publisher of Big Picture Speculator, shares tales of strange biotechnologies worth buying into—such as cures for high dental bills and dog breath—in this interview with The Life Sciences Report. Letourneau likes to invest in biotech firms because their stock values are less volatile than commodity-based companies, which are chained to uncontrollable price fluctuations. You are advised to hold onto your brain (quite literally), while Letourneau describes a few curious—and potentially profitable—biotech investment adventures. More >

Alex Daley

For Love and Money: Three Growth Stocks from Casey's Alex Daley
Source: George S. Mack of The Life Sciences Report  (6/13/13)
Alex Daley, senior editor of Casey Extraordinary Technology, seeks out undiscovered names because that's where he finds the big upside. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Daley brings his best ideas to investors who won't shy away from unloved biotech and medtech names. Sharpen your pencils, steel your nerves and take note of these three growth stories. More >

Alan Brochstein

How to Play the Invest-for-Tomorrow Game in Medtech: Alan Brochstein
Source: George S. Mack of The Life Sciences Report  (6/6/13)
Alan Brochstein of AB Analytical Services blogs, publishes and creates model portfolios for retail investors and consults with institutional investors. He leans heavily toward medical technology because he sees the industry's devices, instrumentation and molecular diagnostics as huge efficiency creators and money savers for hospitals. He never pulls the trigger on a stock unless it has adequate insider ownership and superb management—two ingredients that almost always lead to success. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Brochstein highlights several turnaround stories that he believes can create real shareholder value and make money for investors. More >

Kevin DeGeeter

Diagnostics and Stem Cells Power Productive Portfolios: Kevin DeGeeter
Source: George S. Mack of The Life Sciences Report  (5/30/13)
New medical tests can be moneymakers for small- and mid-cap companies: They save insurers the pain of paying more to treat maladies and save patients from unnecessary treatments. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Senior Biotechnology Analyst and Director Kevin DeGeeter of Ladenburg, Thalmann & Co. makes his case for diagnostics companies with compelling ideas in the realms of cancer, cardiovascular and surgical testing. He also has one interesting stem cell idea to share.
More >

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